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Staff Augmentation

High priority projects – all with a deadline of yesterday. Ever-growing demands on IT staffs that is already stretched to the limit. Little or no budget for new headcount, Sound familiar?

Human resource is the key for any successful company. The main challenge for any companies is to "Recruit the right Manpower for the Right job" and retain them.

VaibEx team adheres to a structured screening process my matching the clients requirement and scrutinising the resume based on organisational requirements. Every candidate is validated through evaluation and testing before they hit the floor.

We provide you qualified and experienced embedded systems development and testing professionals suitable to your requirements, who will work exclusively for you on site, at your work place, close to your project management team.

Our Models include:

  • Permanent Hire
  • Contract Hire
  • Contract to Hire

Our comprehensive suite of staff augmentation services include:

  • Project management
  • Staffing planning
  • Resource identification and recruiting
  • Screening and background checks
  • Ongoing resource management

Our Domain Expertise

  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing, Process and Infrastructure
  • Telecom, Media and Entertainment
  • Consumer Services and Retail
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance